Trail Crew Leadership Training Opportunity

Upcoming Class:

May 31-June 1 in Minturn

HTC has negotiated a discounted fee for the class and it is only  $35 for the two days.  (Sign up through HTC by 5/24 and we'll pick up the fee)

About the Class:  Quick quiz: Do you know what a trail’s cross slope, critical edge, backslope, inside edge, and transition point are? Do you know how to measure a trails’ grade? Whe

n would you use a McLeod vs. a Pick Mattock? What are grade reversals versus rolling drain dips?

These are just some of the cool trail building skills you could learn in upcoming classes being offered by OSI, the training arm of Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado. The classes teach both technical trail building skills as well as how to lead and manage untrained trail volunteers.

As you probably know, the there are plans to do quite a bit of cool trail building here in Eagle this spring and summer. We will be recruiting lots of volunteer help. Let’s be ready to swing those Pulaskis with skill and confidence!